Notice Board



1 Lotus Zing Committee for finishing works of T1-T4&T15-16
2 Lotus Zing Advisory committe for finishing works of T5-6
3 Payment Policy T05-T06
4 DG Charges w.e.f. 7th December 2019
5 Urgent & Important Notice dated 4th Nov 2019
6 Information of CAM Payment
7 Information of CIRP Account Opening
8 Information of Flat Key
9 Information of Flat Pending Work
10 Information of Lift AMC
11 Information of Maintenance Improvement
12 Information of NCLT court Order Electricity Board
13 Information of Numbus Facility at LotusZing
14 Information of Security Services
15 Information of Water & Sewerage Connection
16 Information of Water Sewerage
17 NCLT Notice - Pradeep Shekhar
18 NCLT Notice - SBI
19 Notice for Revise CAM Charges
20 Notice on Claim of Electricity Dues
21 Notice Restoration Electricty at LotusZing
22 Notice to Bank Stop Payment
23 Notice to Electricity Department about Restoration of Electricity at LotusZing